Post-Military TSP Options

After leaving the military, service members cannot continue contributing to TSP unless they take a federal job. They can, however, leave their money in TSP and continue to draw returns on it. One of your most important financial decisions you will need to make is deciding what you are going to do with the money you have set aside through your Thrift Savings Plan. Among your choices, you may:


Leave your money in the TSP, where it can accrue earnings
  • Roll over your TSP to an eligible employer plan such as a 40I(k)



Transfer to a Traditional IRA selecting an account that accommodates your specialized needs - Request a series of monthly payments based on a dollar amount for your life expectancy
Choose a TSP lifetime annuity


*Your choice may be governed by various rules and restrictions of the TSP and the Internal Revenue Code.


A Fed-Stop Advisor will provide assistance when choosing these options, and will guide you in your plan for post-military life by: Helping you attain your long-term financial goals, incorporate your assets and benefits into a comprehensive financial plan for your future, and continue to maintain a long-term relationship with you to help you reach your goals. Simply fill out a complimentary federal employee benefit analysis or call us today at: 1-800-997-8434.

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