Military Employees



At The Fed Stop, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the financial challenges and opportunities that the military lifestyle may bring. We recognize there is a great need for a savings program for service members, and that is why we work alongside with our country's Armed Forces and Military personnel to develop and deliver comprehendible and affordable financial plans to assist individuals and families in their efforts to reach their financial goals.


Our country's service members constitute the largest workforce in the U.S. not covered by an employer-sponsored, tax-advantaged payroll savings plan. Over 182,000 service members leave the service each year without any employer-sponsored retirement benefits.


We are not only committed to assisting our military professionals reach financial security, but we also assist them to properly insure themselves and their family members with the best insurance products and solutions available today. By completing your request for a complimentary federal employee analysis, you have taken the first step in the right direction. Or simply call 800-997-8434 to get assistance.



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