Annual Leave

How Much Leave Do Full-time Employees Earn?

  • Less than 3 years USPS service.
  • You earn: 13 days per year <4 hours per pay period>
  • With 3-15 years USPS service.
  • You earn: 20 days per year. <about 6 hours per pay period>
With 15 or more years service.
  • You earn: 26 days per year. <8 hours per pay period>


Note: Prior military service does count toward years service with USPS, but if you are retired from the military certain conditions apply to count any of your service time toward earning annual leave. Ask one of our Human Resource Advisors to compute this time for you.


LWOP, leave without pay, does affect your annual leave earnings. Consult our Human Resource Advisors concerning this.


How Much Leave Can I Takeover Each Year?

  • Bargaining Unit Employees (employees covered under union contract) receive 440 hours.
  • EAS Employees receive 560 hours.




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