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Todd Ensing- Senior Federal Employee Benefit Specialist for The Fed Stop

My name is Todd Ensing and I am the Senior Federal Government and Military Benefit Specialist for The Fed Stop. I would like to personally welcome you to our website and make your experience with us educational, helpful, and rewarding. I am always very open to hearing your feedback and encourage open dialogue as the Fed Stop is here to serve you and your family with the same dedication and service that you served our Government agencies, Military units, and our country with.

The Fed Stop was created by a Team of Federal Human Resource and financial professionals with over 240 years experience in their pedigree. The mission and values that is entrusted with our HR Team is that of immediate service to your needs and supply resources and updated information that will benefit you and your family as it relates to Federal Government and Military retirement benefits.

Here at the Fed Stop, we understand the importance of a successful retirement, and the impact it has on yourself and your family. Our dedicated and trusted professionals are skillfully trained in looking at the entire portfolio of Military and Government Benefits as it relates to your FERS, CSRS, FEGLI, TSP, Military buy-back time, Retirement Eligibility and VERA Analysis.

My background as a financial advisor started with small business owners, transitioned to corporate executives, took a turn to public employees in California and advising teachers regarding their pension and supplemental retirement plans and over time, I developed a client base of federal and military employees and supported these employees with my financial planning skills which helped to partner and champion advise and direction that they were receiving from their HR departments. My recent role as the Lead Advisor and trainer of a nationwide network of Federal financial advisors, along with speaking engagements at several Federal conventions on retirement issues impacting the Federal employee has brought my experience full circle.

The relationships built around bringing the best service available to the Federal employee has led to putting together a “dream team” of Federal planning professionals and support staff. While my specialty is providing and integrating private sector solutions to maximize the Federal and military benefit questions that you may have and give you better clarity , I understand that the most critical component to the Fed Stop is partnering with expert Federal HR executives and making sure that your questions are professionally answered in a time sensitive manner.

The Fed Stop staff and team of Nationwide Federal Employee Benefit Specialists will bring you to have a better understanding of your retirement options and assist you to maximize your benefits as it relates to all of your retirement needs.

I look forward to hearing from you and salute all your dedication to service.

-Todd Ensing


Jackie Pelkey- Senior HR Project Manager for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Jackie Pelkey, and I am the Senior HR Project Manager at The Fed Stop. I work alongside Todd and the Fed Stop team in assisting with all of the Military and Government Employee client communications to our Advisors. I also work with our clients directly when needed, handling day to day activities and communications that focus on opportunities to assist them with all of their Human Resource needs. Through managing and maintaining relationships with our nationwide field force of trained Federal Employee Benefit Specialists, I help to deliver the information that helps federal employees maximize their retirement benefits. I thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

- Jackie Pelkey


Ernie Davis - HR Manager/Associate for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Ernie Davis, HR Manager/ Associate for The Fed Stop. I take great pride in working directly with clients through extensive financial strategies, and help them in understanding their benefits and retirement accounts. In assisting Jackie and the entire Fed Stop Human Resource and Financial Services team, I initiate and lead quarterly calls/meetings with clients and team members to ensure excellent ongoing communication and proactively look for opportunities for program expansion and service improvement. I also offer assistance to our national field force in supporting them with all the financial programs and products that The Fed Stop offers, and see them through to completion and I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

- Ernie Davis


Linda Foster, Federal Employee Benefits Specialist for The Fed Stop


Linda Foster has over 22 years of experience working with the Federal Employees and their benefits, along with working in other financial arenas. Whether you are two months or 20 years away from retirement, we can help you understand your options. Our offices are equipped to provide you with a complimentary benefit analysis; while our back office has over 120 years of combined experience to help you achieve the answers you need to make educated decisions in regards to your federal benefits. It is my goal to provide the utmost customer service to all of our clients, and ensure they are presented with all of the knowledge and resources to maximize their retirement benefits.


- Linda Foster


Don Adams, Federal Employee Benefits Specialist for The Fed Stop


As a son of a retired Lt. Col in USAF, Don Adams has over 29 years of experience in working as a licensed professional in over 15 states. As a Federal Employee Benefits Specialist, Don is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your retirement benefits are maximized to their fullest potential.  Don’s experience in the financial industry will provide each and every one of our clients with the answers they need to make the best decision regarding their retirement concerns. It is Don’s goal, along with the rest of The Fed Stop team to ensure that we manage and provide resources to maximize our client's retirement benefits.


-Don Adams


Scott Terry, Federal Employee Benefits Specialist for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Scott Terry, and I am proud to assist you in being your Federal Employee Benefits Specialist. I have over 50 years of combined experience in the financial arena, and understand the complexities of all the Federal benefits. It is my goal to simplify and disseminate that information to insure a successful transition from the workforce to retirement.  I take pride in helping Federal Employees save money on their Benefit expenses while passing on greater benefits to their families & beneficiaries.  With my combined experience and dedication, I can ensure you will learn critical and valuable information that will put you and your family in a much better financial position for retirement and beyond.

-Scott Terry


Dennis Fontaine - Senior Field Advisor Support Analyst for The Fed Stop

Hi, I am Dennis Fontaine, Senior Field Advisor Support Analyst. I work directly with our nationwide field force of Federal Employee Benefit Specialists who work with federal employees and their family members to help maximize their retirement benefits. I provide support in analyzing, examining, researching, and consultation in support to our representatives in the field to help with our clients needs. It is also my duty to document solutions that solve our clients challenges they are dealing with and clearly present the solutions to our team and increase the efficiency of communication within our team.

- Dennis Fontaine


Mark Bermudez - Associate Field Advisor Support Analyst for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Mark Bermudez, and I am the Associate Field Advisor Support Analyst. I assist Dennis Fontaine in developing and implementing various strategies to increase employee engagement and promote organizational effectiveness, reputation, values and ethics within our customer base. I also provide assistance in launching new financial education programs taking them from start to finish. I communicate with internal teams and external clients to ensure that we manage and provide resources to maximize our client's retirement benefits.

- Mark Bermudez


Kay Lodwick - Office Manager for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Kay Lodwick, and I am the Office Manager here at The Fed Stop. As office manager, I manage the day-to-day operations of the Human Resource office. I also oversee the administration of the human resources policies, procedures and programs. I carryout responsibilities in the following functional areas: departmental development, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), employee relations, training and development, benefits, organizational development, and employment. My goal is to emphasize empowerment, quality control, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of superior service for our customers.

- Kay Lodwick


Mike McCoy - Associate Field Advisor Support Analyst for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Mike McCoy, and I work alongside Mark Bermudez as an Associate Field Advisor Support Analyst. I assist our team in providing field support to our Human Resource advisors to help them deliver answers to our Federal Employee Benefit Specialist in the field. Through timely and effective communication with clients, I proactively look for ways to keep our service quality at high levels. I take great pride in serving our country's federal employees through supporting our field associates all over the country, and appreciate the opportunity to be of service and help our clients maximize their retirement benefits.

- Mike McCoy


Cassandra Burns - Senior Underwriter for The Fed Stop

Hi, my name is Cassandra Burns, and I am the Senior Underwriter for The Fed Stop. I work directly with our Advisors in the field to ensure all paperwork submitted flows smoothly through the system. I am here to assist clients through the pending process, and make certain that any escalated issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. I manage the daily operations of the underwriting unit and provide support to management on reports and workflow issues as needed, and in the training and development of staff that consistently promotes risk-based underwriting philosophy.

- Cassandra Burns


Mike Steinwender - Senior Network Administrator for The Fed Stop

Hello, my name is Mike Steinwender. As Senior Network Administrator, I oversee the day-to-day operation of our security systems and provide support while maintaining and evaluating computer networking and telecommunication systems. It is my goal to ensure the computer networks function at optimal levels on a consistent basis.

- Mike Steinwender

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